A Field of Wild Flowers.jpg|A Field of Wild Flowers|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Acer at KVL.jpg|Acer at KVL|20cm x 20cm|Sold|

Acorns.jpg|Acorns|91cm x 91cm|For Sale|

Agapanthus.jpg|Agapanthus|80cm x80cm|Sold|

Apple Blossom.jpg|Apple Blossom (framed)|80cm x 80cm|Sold|

Apple Blossom with Figure Standing.jpg|Apple Blossom with Figure Standing|24cm x 30cm|

At one with Nature.jpg|At one with Nature|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Azealia 2.jpg|Azealia|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Ballet dancer.jpg|Ballet dancer|80cm x 80cm|Sold|

Berries.jpg|Berries|50cm x 50cm|

Bird in flight.jpg|Bird in flight|40cm x 40cm|Sold|

Brightness.jpg|Brightness|76cm x 76cm|For Sale|

Bluebells.jpg|Bluebells|100cm x 100cm|For Sale|

Buttercups.jpg|Buttercups|91cm x 91cm|Sold|

Camellia.jpg|Camellia|76cm x 76cm|Sold|

Camellia - blue.jpg|Camellia - blue|40cm x 40cm|Sold|

Crocus Triptych 1.jpg|Crocus Triptych 1|50cm x 50cm|Sold|

Crocus Triptych 2.jpg|Crocus Triptych 2|50cm x 50cm|Sold|

Crocus Triptych 3.jpg|Crocus Triptych 3|50cm x 50cm|Sold|

Celia.jpg|Celia|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Clematis.jpg|Clematis|80cm x 80cm|For Sale|

Dreamy moments.jpg|Dreamy Moments|87cm x 87cm|Framed Sold|

Fairy tale.jpg|Fairy tale|100cm x 100cm|

Freedom.jpg|Freedom|76cm x 76cm|Sold|

Fuschia.jpg|Fuschia|64cm x 64cm|Sold|

Garden of Eden.jpg|Garden of Eden|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Green figure.jpg|Green Figure|40cm x 40cm|For Sale|

Green Vase with Tomatoes.jpg|Green Vase with Tomatoes|30cm x 30cm|Sold|

Grapes.jpg|Grapes|91cm x 91cm|Sold|

Grasses.jpg|Grasses|76cm x 76cm|Sold|

Hellebore.jpg|Hellebore|70 x 70|Sold|

Hidden.jpg|Hidden|70cm x 70cm|

Hidden Statue.jpg|Hidden Statue|76cm x 76cm|

Hidden Woman.jpg|Hidden Woman|91cm x 91cm|Sold|

Hosta with Flowers.jpg|Hosta with Flowers|75cm x 75cm|

Hostas.jpg|Hostas|76cm x 76cm|

Hiding in the Shade.jpg|Hiding in the Shade|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Hummingbird.jpg|Hummingbird|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

In Pursuit of Prey.jpg|In Pursuit of Prey|70cm x 70cm|

Isola Bella.jpg|Isola Bella|30cm x 30cm|Sold|

In the Shadow.jpg|In the Shadow|100cm x 100cm|For Sale|

Indian Poppies.jpg|Indian Poppies|30cm x 25cm|Sold|

Jaipur.jpg|Jaipur|50cm x 50cm|

Jodhpur.jpg|Jodhpur|50cm x 50cm|Sold|

Japonica.jpg|Japonica|52cm x 52cm|Framed|

Jungle 2.jpg|Jungle 2|100cm x 100cm|

Lady Gaga.jpg|Lady Gaga|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Lavender 1.jpg|Lavender 1|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Lavender 2.jpg|Lavender 2|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Lavender 3.jpg|Lavender 3|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Lavender 4.jpg|Lavender 4|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Lavender 5.jpg|Lavender 5|54cm x 54cm|Framed Sold|

Lavender Girls.jpg|Lavender Girls|100cm x 100cm|

Lavender on yellow.jpg|Lavender on Yellow|60cm x 60cm|Sold|

Lavender - small.jpg|Lavender - small|60cm x 60cm|Sold|

Lavender with tree - small.jpg|Lavender with tree - small|40cm x 40cm|Sold|

Lilac.jpg|Lilac|44cm x 50cm|Sold|

Lilies.jpg|Lilies|20cm x 20cm|Sold|

Lily Pond.jpg|Lily Pond|70cm x 70cm|For Sale|

Magnifica - large.jpg|Magnifica - large|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Magnifica - small.jpg|Magnifica - small|20cm x 20cm|Sold|

Maple.jpg|Maple|90cm x 90cm|

Melange.jpg|Melange|50cm x 40cm|

Mountain Crocuses.jpg|Mountain Crocuses|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Prince Charles with Mountain Crocuses.jpg|Prince Charles with Mountain Crocuses|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Mountain Daisies.jpg|Mountain Daisies|91cm x 91cm|Sold|

Nectarines 1.jpg|Nectarines 1|91cm x 91cm|Sold|

Nectarines 2.jpg|Nectarines 2|91cm x 91cm|Sold|

Nectarines 3.jpg|Nectarines 3|91cm x 91cm|Sold|

Nepali Dancer.jpg|Nepali Dancer|50cm x 50cm|Sold|

Olives.jpg|Olives|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Pink Camelia.jpg|Pink Camelia|50cm x 50cm|Sold|

Pink Camelia - large.jpg|Pink Camelia - large|100cm x 100cm|

Pink on Green.jpg|Pink on Green|76cm x 76cm|Sold|

Poppies.jpg|Poppies|50cm x 50cm|Sold|

Poppy heads.jpg|Poppy Heads|100cm x 100cm|For Sale|

Purple Leaves.jpg|Purple Leaves|80cm x 80cm|Sold|

Red landscape.jpg|Red landscape|80cm x 80cm|Framed|

Red Robin.jpg|Red Robin|76cm x 76cm|

Regina.jpg|Regina|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Remembrance.jpg|Remembrance|121cm x 100cm|

Santa Catarina.jpg|Santa Catarina|71cm x 71cm|Sold|

Satsumas.jpg|Satsumas|64cm x 64cm|Sold|

Satsumas 2.jpeg|Satsumas 2|90cm x 90cm|Framed Sold|

Sitting in the Cabbage Patch.jpg|Sitting in the Cabbage Patch|75cm x 75cm|

Snowdrops.jpg|Snowdrops|60cm x 60cm|Sold|

Spanish garden.jpg|Spanish Garden|100cm x 100cm|

Spanish garden small.jpg|Spanish Garden (small)|50cm x 40cm|Sold|

Sri Lanka.jpg|Sri Lanka|76cm x 76cm|

Succulent Pathways.jpg|Succulent Pathways|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Sunbathing in the Lavender Field.jpg|Sunbathing in the Lavender Field|70cm x 70cm|

Teasels 1.jpg|Teasels 1|91cm x 91cm|Sold|

Teasels 2.jpg|Teasels 2|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Thoughtful.jpg|Thoughtful|100cm x 100cm|

Tresco.jpg|Tresco|90cm x 90cm|

Undergrowth.jpg|Undergrowth|40cm x 40cm|

Under the Datura Tree.jpg|Under the Datura Tree|70cm x 70cm|

Victorian Taboo.jpg|Victorian Taboo|20cm x 30cm|Sold|

Vulnerability.jpg|Vulnerability|100cm x 100cm|Sold|

Abstract Garden.jpg|Abstract Garden|60cm X 60cm|Sold|

Abstract Landscape 1.jpg|Abstract Landscape 1|120cm X 100cm|

Abstract Landscape 2.jpg|Abstract Landscape 2|76cm X 76cm|

Beach Scene 1.jpg|Beach Scene 1|30cm x 24cm|

Beach Scene 2.jpg|Beach Scene 2|30cm x 24cm|Sold|

Beach Scene 3.jpg|Beach Scene 3|30cm x 24cm|

Bramans.jpg|Bramans|40cm x 40cm|Sold|

Bramans in Winter.jpg|Bramans in Winter|40cm x 40cm|Sold|

Chickens.jpg|Chickens|70cm x 50cm|

Dining Room.jpg|Dining Room|24cm x 18cm|

Early Morning Mist.jpg|Early Morning Mist|76cm x 76cm|

Limousin.jpg|Limousin|30cm x 24cm|

Montenegro 1.jpg|Montenegro 1|12cm x 12cm|Sold|

Montenegro 2.jpg|Montenegro 2|12cm x 12cm|Sold|

Perth.jpg|Perth|90cm x 65cm|NFS|

River.jpg|River|40cm x 40cm|For Sale|

Savoie.jpg|Savoie|12cm x 12cm|For Sale|

Sydney.jpg|Sydney|100cm x 100cm|For Sale|

Annie.jpg|Annie|40cm x 50cm|Sold|

Artemus.jpg|Artemus|30cm x 24cm|NFS|

Boy with Pot.jpg|Boy with Pot|40cm x 40cm|For Sale|

Camilla.jpg|Camilla|20cm x 25cm|NFS|

DRB.jpg|David|60cm x 76cm|Sold|

David in the Drawing Room.jpg|David in the Drawing Room|100cm x 100cm|NFS|

Edward.jpg|Edward|40cm x 50cm|NFS|

Emma.jpg|Emma|50cm x 25cm|Sold|

James with Widget.jpg|James with Widget|49cm x 60cm|NFS|

Jazz.jpg|Jazz|120cm x 80cm|For Sale|

Jenna's Sophie.jpg|Jenna's Sophie|45cm x 30cm|Sold|

Life Study 1.jpg|Life Study 1|40cm x 50cm|For Sale|

Life Study 2.jpg|Life Study 2|40cm x 50cm|For Sale|

Life Study 3.jpg|Life Study 3|40cm x 50cm|For Sale|

Life Study 4.jpg|Life Study 4|40cm x 50cm|For Sale|

Life Model.jpg|Life Model|75cm x 50cm|Acrylic on Paper|For Sale|

Lovers.jpg|Lovers|40cm x 50cm|Sold|

Mother and Child.jpg|Mother and Child|38cm x 43cm|Framed For Sale|

Mummy.jpg|Mummy|23cm x 30cm|NFS|

Portrait for Heroes.jpg|Portrait for Heroes|60cm x 60cm|NFS|

Self portrait in Italy.jpg|Self portrait in Italy|60cm x 50cm|Framed For Sale|

Sophie in a Pot.jpg|Sophie in a Pot|37cm x 45cm|NFS|

Sophie walking in Sea.jpg|Sophie walking in the Sea|37cm x 45cm|Sold|

Trumpet Player.jpg|Trumpet Player|40cm x 50cm|Sold|

Youth Orchestra.jpg|Youth Orchestra|120cm x 80c|Sold|

Dog with Collar.jpg|Dog with Collar|30cm x 30cm|Pastel Sold|

Hairy!.jpg|Hairy!|35cm x 40cm|Sold|

Mij.jpg|Mij|20cm x 30cm|NFS|

Mij plus photo.jpg|Mij plus photo|20cm x 30cm|NFS|

Twiglet.jpg|Twiglet|20cm x 30cm|NFS|

Twiglet plus photo.jpg|Twiglet plus photo|20cm x 30cm|NFS|

All Work

All paintings below are oil on canvas unless shown separately

Prices range from £250 to £3000